One of the things that separates Hazel Court from other semi -independent provisions, is the accommodation, we are committed to providing and retaining a quality experience in everything we do.We have looked at the finer details to ensure your time at Hazel Court is both beneficial and a positive experience for your future development.  Ultimately by making you feel welcome and relaxed you will feel healthier and happier; we encourage you to add your own personal touch to your apartment and make it your own.Pending on vacancies you will have a choice of apartment you wish to move into, the accommodation is set over two floors and vary in design and floor layout.  All the apartments have a lounge and dining area, three have full kitchens including hob and oven, whilst all the others have kitchenettes, including your own bathroom, and all have shower facilities that are regulated to avoid scalds and burns. The apartments have controllable heating and electric so you can control how warm you like it.Communal areas,: we ask you to respect these areas as everyone has access to them, these consist of a lounge with a new wall mounted flat screen television and built in DVD with comfortable  seating for you to relax and unwind with others, a pool table and various games for those of you who enjoy socialising and having fun.Training kitchens for those of you who wish to become the next Gordon Ramsey,  or just fancy impressing their friends or family with a nice meal.

We look forward to welcoming you to
Hazel Court.