Agricultural Skills






























Hazel Court provides a home to thirteen very friendly chickens, as part of the agricultural project young people will learn how to look after them, feed them clean them out and most importantly collect the beautiful fresh eggs for their breakfast in the morning.Eggs from your own back yard taste so much better than shop bought eggs.The fact that you can trot up the garden and collect warm fresh eggs on a daily basis makes them taste so much better.

Young people will also learn the benefits from growing their own vegetables and fruit. Having a plot of their own and researching what to grow, whilst getting expert advice from the people at the local allotments.

This project will also overlap the cookery project doing cook and taste sessions, learning the benefits of organic foods as well as the satisfaction that you have grown it yourself.Growing your own fruit and veg can also be a great activity, providing exercise, working outdoors etc.Giving young people a better understanding of how nature works.

If young people wish to develop in this area then they will be encouraged to attend a college course or a modern apprenticeship.