Basic DIY Skills

Most young people leaving care miss out on learning basic DIY skills, as most residential homes hire professionals to do the most basic jobs, so young people very rarely learn skills through helping and watching.  At Hazel Court we have a project running to help young people learn the basic DIY skills, such as changing a fuse, to hanging a picture, to putting up shelves.

Covering some basics and safety rules that everyone should know when attempting DIY – from knowing which tools to use, to cutting a straight line. How to make a basic tool kit, a decorating tool kit, some carpentry and joinery tools, and the all important drill.

Good DIY is as much about preparation as completing a job. To cut, drill and generally make things fit together there are a number of marking and measuring techniques that will help to make fewer mistakes and save time and money. Experienced staff will show young people how to paint wood work, emulsion a wall and hang wallpaper, providing the essential skills they will need when setting up their own home.

Hanging shelves is a testing skill for most people, especially getting them straight!!! Knowing what tools you will need and how to use them is vital to getting it right. Preparing a room to decorate will improve the finish and save the carpet and furniture. Learning these skills is vital for young people on a tight budget. If young people develop an interest in this subject then they could attend college, do a modern apprenticeship at college or a work placement.