Living Independently Preparation Skills, (L.I.P.S.)
is a unique programme that has been developed by the manager Sally Penney, through her experiences of working with children and young people in residential care for over fifteen years. 

Lots of important and positive work is carried out on a daily basis with young people in care, focusing on issues that the young person displays on a daily basis, helping them with controlling anger and gaining an education, these are just some of the things that you are dealing with on a daily basis.

However important life skills seem to get overlooked by the changing in behaviour of the young person or a new arrival etc.

When supporting young people who are moving on to independent living you suddenly realise that skills we all take for granted have not been taught!

How many of our young people will be able to afford a gardener or decorator, to do those little jobs around their home?

One young person who recently moved into their own home invited me round for a coffee, when there she asked me to help her to identify what were weeds in her garden, and how do you get rid of them. This made me stop and think, how would she know, when at the home there was a gardener. 

I received many phone calls, asking me how to change a fuse on a plug, how to put up wall paper, how do you know what size curtains to buy etc….

This is why L.I.P.S. is so important to the development of young people‚Äôs life skills…. The project has been looked at by the local colleges in the Manchester area, they have all commented on how good it is, and felt that it is very in-depth and complements some of the courses that are run by the college.

If you want to know more about this programme then please contact Sally Penney directly.