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Hazel Court has 13 self- contained appartments, all with ample living facilities with support for young people and young adults who have a range of mental health or emotional complex needs through suffering emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical aggression or neglect.

The decision to admit a young person or young adult to Hazel Court will be the responsibility of the Manager.

Subject to risk assessments, and the other residents Hazel Court can accommodate:

  • Mental Health difficulties
  • Learning difficulties.
  • ADHD or Autistic Spectrum

  • Victims of trauma
  • Low self-esteem or who lack confidence
  • Emotionally or behaviourally challenging
  • Considered as more difficult to place
  • Victims of abuse or domestic violence
  • History of criminal convictions
  • Drug or alcohol use.

Admission Requirements

Before you move into to Hazel Court, a full risk assessment of your needs must be carried out.

In the case of emergency referrals, Hazel Court recommends that an assessment period of one month is required to be able to constructively offer the best support and suitability of the placement.

The assessment period would consider all aspects of your integration into semi- independent living environment, your own views on the appropriateness of the placement and the impact on the others already in residence.

Admissions Procedure

Admissions to Hazel Court, will always aim to be planned as Hazel Court considers this good practice. In this scenario, the Manager and the identified key-worker will visit you at your current placement so that they can introduce Hazel Court and discuss and assess with your needs.

You will be invited to visit Hazel Court for an introductory visit (if this is appropriate) before your admission to the accommodation.

Assessment of your needs will take the
following into account:

  • History and age
  • Your background and a pen picture of
    your family
  • Your health needs (including allergies)
  • Your emotional and behavioural needs
  • Your cultural and social needs
  • The level of support you require
  • The level of behavioural support required
  • Educational needs
  • Any potential risks posed to you by other’s
  • Any special circumstances or needs
Once an initial assessment has been completed, you, your family or careers (where appropriate) and your social worker from your placing authority, will be invited to meet to discuss your placement further.

If it is felt by all parties that the placement should precede, then a formal contract will be drawn up between you, the placing authority and Hazel Court.

If you are a young person you will be given a copy of the ‘Young Person’s Guide’ and our welcome pack, which will be fully explained to you.

You will be invited to discuss the general ethos of Hazel Court with the  Manager / Deputy Manager or your Key Worker.

If you are eighteen plus then you will be given ‘service users guide and a welcome pack, this will be fully explained to you, opportunities will be given for you to discuss the ethos of Hazel Court with a person of their choice.

The staff will clearly define what you can expect from Hazel Court helping you to have a clear understanding of what is expected from you in placement.

You will be asked to help with your daily plan, identifying and commit to the areas that you need to address in order to demonstrate your commitment to living at Hazel Court.

The expected standards of behaviour will be discussed as often as necessary to ensure that this is understood.

For emergency admissions, the procedure is for a risk assessment and an assessment of your needs to be undertaken within the first week.

This is in addition to information provided by the referring authority.

If you wish to bring your own furniture and furnishings or any cherished possessions to Hazel Court, we will record any possessions and belongings and if requested, we will be happy to keep your valuables locked away in our office.