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Casicare’s key responsibility is to provide young people with the skills that they will need to live, learn and work independently, this will provide them with the essential skills to successfully move onto independent living. 

Each young person has an extensive care plan that is utilised throughout their placement and updated at regular intervals, to monitor development and progress throughout the placement.

All the young people are actively encouraged to explore options from further education, apprenticeships, courses and employment opportunities that are available to them.

There is a genuine culture of friendliness and a real willingness to help and support all the young people from a qualified and experienced staff team, the staff are sensitive and respectful to their needs and will never judge them.

They are there to help and guide young people on their journey into adulthood.  Respecting their space and privacy and enabling them to live as independently as possible

‘Young people’s views on leaving care’ – A Children’s Rights Director Report, February 2006, states that young people worry about leaving care, as they worry about loneliness, not being able to cope, not getting help when they need it, cleaning up after themselves, leaving care before their ready, having nowhere/ no-one to come back to, being placed in ‘dodgy’ places, becoming homeless, not being able to settle . 

Hazel Court has staff on hand 24 hours a day to reassure the young people that someone is there to  support them at  times when things are going wrong, or they just need that little reassurance and guidance.

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